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Promising Practice Award

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WHES was recognized at the International Forum in DC for the 6th Promising Practice Award! Collaboration and Connection Across Campus was awarded a Promising Practice for connecting to the Principles of Character. Use of vertical planning teams builds strong relationships across campus for lead learners and provides time for sharing strategies and future forecasting to enable collaborative opportunities and a connected curriculum. Principle 1: Core Values, Principle 4: Caring Community & Princple 8: Modeling ethical character

Contact: Mary Hooks, IB PYP Coordinator -

Congratulations are in order!!! Our school's program, Let Learners Lead has been selected by as a 2020 Promising Practice Character Development recipient!! Let Learners Lead highlights the Student Leadership Advisory with a focus on the Character Education principles of fostering self-motivation and shared leadership.

WHES is one of only three schools in N.C. to be awarded a Promising Practice for 2020 🤩🤩 Shout out to the students on the Student Leadership Advisory and our IB Coordinator, Mary Hooks for showcasing the work that is being done in our school! Congratulations!! recently recognized 246 Promising Practices, a specific school or organization-based initiative. Each of these school or organization-based initiatives is a significant example of effective character development and aligned with one or more of our 11 Principles framework. 

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