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Air Quality Flag Program

Air Quality Flag Program

WHES has joined the Air Quality Flag Program and soon, we will start flying a colorful flag showing how clean or polluted the air is each day. The flag colors correspond to the Air Quality Index (AQI).

AQI informs you of how clean or polluted the air is and what health problems might be affected. Each school day we will fly a flag with one of the Air Quality colors:
 -  good air quality

Yellow - moderate air quality

Orange - unhealthy for sensitive groups, such as children, teenagers, older adults, individuals with heart or lung problems and people active outdoors

Red - unhealthy for everyone

Purple (currently unavailable at WHES) - very unhealthy for everyone


The Air Quality Flag Program is promoted across the USA by the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA).  In addition to raising colorful flags, we have an opportunity to learn more about air pollution, and how it affects our health. Click Air Quality Fact Sheet or Air Quality Fact Sheet (Spanish) for additional information.  Contact the school nurse for additional information regarding the Air Quality Flag Program.


Click here , then enter your zip code for the air quality forecast in your area: