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Media Center Policies

Library Hours:   7:45-3:15

Book Deliveries:  9:00-11:30
 Students return books and request new ones in Destiny Discover. 

Class Check-Out:
  Each class has check-out time during Media Encore 


   Student nametags/student ids are important to the smooth operation of our cafeteria and media center.

   Students are required to have a nametag to check-out books.

   Each student is given a nametag at the beginning of the year.

   New students are given a nametag upon enrollment.

   Replacement nametags are $5.


Book Check-Outs:

   Books may be checked out for up to two weeks. 

   They may be renewed if needed. 

   There are no late fees but books must be returned before others can be checked-out.


Lost or damaged Books:

   Books that are lost or damaged beyond reasonable repair need to be paid for.

   The media center can provide the cost of the book.

   Payment is made through the Online Payment Center.

   Students will not be able to check-out until the lost or damaged book has been paid for.

   Once books are paid for, the money is used for replacement.  We are unable to provide refunds.

   It is suggested that students are certain the book is lost before payment is made.